Mounting a High-Lift Jack in the Gladiator

  I've owned a Hi-Lift jack for more than a decade. In all that time, I've only used it a couple of times--but it saved my bacon in each of those situations. Ergo, I insist on carrying this huge jack in my primary off-road vehicle at all times...

...ah, but the Gladiator is not a big vehicle, and my jack is the monster 48" X-Treme version. In the old F250, I easily stored this unit and all its ancillary gear in the toolbox that was mounted in the bed. But the (much) smaller Craftsman box I'm using on the Jeep is far too small to hold the jack. I've distributed the various ancillary jack support gear throughout the under-seat storage areas in the cab and in the toolbox, but the jack itself presented a problem because of its length and weight. This is not something you want to just have banging around in the backseat area of the truck.

The solution I ended up with was an (expensive) set of mounting brackets I purchased via Amazon. Yes, I could have fabricated something cheaper and (perhaps) better myself, but I was impatient. And in the end, I really like this solution, as it's strong, rigid, uses the factory trail rail system, and was super easy to install. Note that I also ordered a lock for the jack, which I'll install as soon as it shows up. For now, though, I'm quite happy with how this all turned out.


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