Headache Bar and Rails

 First: I love my decked system. It's really good. I like how much equipment I can store and the super easy access to everything. But there are a couple of downsides to the unit. First, is that when the drawer is extended (out), I can't use the tailgate as a pseudo workbench, which is what I typically do when at a remote location like our cabin. This is one of those "duh!" moments; I should have realized it. The fix is to find some other surface to work from and/or carry/build some kind of portable work table with me. 

The second issue is what I call the "bed depth" issue. The decked unit takes up about 12-inches of useable depth in the bed. This means things that one could just toss in the back no longer are really secure when driving down the road. In fact, there's only about 4-inches of effective bed depth for containing a load that I put on top of the decked drawers. 

The solution to this latter problem is to build a headache bar and side rails that can be bolted onto the bed. Here's what I plan to do (click to expand):

I.e., something along the lines of this, but probably with square steel tubing:


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