Drove Her Home

  It took over three hours at the dealership to go through all the paperwork and do the inspections, but we eventually got to drive her home. So far, I really like how she drives and handles. Over the first 100 miles thus far, I'm averaging about 23mpg. Not bad for a non-broken-in diesel.

We had one minor issue yesterday, however, during a 20 mile drive to the hardware store. The radio was working perfectly when suddenly it developed a ton of static on all the stations. Sirius, AM, and FM. The only one that didn't have this issue was the bluetooth connection to my phone (e.g., playing podcasts). Initially, I tried resetting fuses and tightening the antenna; all to no avail. Eventually, I discovered a thread on a Wrangler forum that suggested resetting the Uconnect system by simultaneously pressing and holding the tuning and volume buttons for 15 seconds. This worked and everything seems to A-OK now. Still, a little disconcerting...

Anyway, overall I'm thrilled with the truck and am now beginning the process of a series of modifications. First up include:

  • Spray-in Bed Liner. I want something like a Rhino liner in the bed, as I intend to use the truck as a truck.
  • Tool Storage System. I carry a fair bit of tools and recovery gear, so need some kind of safe and permanent storage system to tote all the stuff around.
  • Flexible Antenna. The stock steel antenna is renown for catching on branches and breaking when off-road. I intend to replace it with a shorter, more flexible rubber antenna.

Stay tuned!


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