Why a Rubicon?

 So why a Rubicon, and not one of the other trims?

I need a Jeep primarily for its off-road capability. As mentioned before, my wife and I frequently travel to our remote family cabin, and getting there requires serious 4x4 capabilities (and driver skills, too, to be honest). Traveling to the cabin is not for the feint of heart. It's also not for a less-than-capable 4x4 vehicle.

Because of a section of  long, deep, sandy wash (arroyo, or dry river bed for those unfamiliar with the terminology), we've found we need relatively wide tires and a lockable rear differential.  And for the final ~2 miles of single-track, rutted, steep, rocky sections of the road, we've frequently needed to lock both front and rear differentials.

If I were going to build a hardcore rock crawler, I might have actually started with a lower trim model and then upgraded axles, tires, and wheels. But I don't need those things; I just need the basics of a stout axle (the Dana 44's are sufficient) and reliable lockers (again, the Jeep e-lockers are fine). Factory OEM reliability are key, as are durability. The Rubicon trim meets our needs with essentially no modifications required--and come with a factory warranty to boot. That's why a Rubicon for us.


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